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  • Police & Judicial Journalism - Legal & Social Impacts

    24 June 2020

    The current challenges journalists are facing while conducting police or a judicial reporting, the criminological terminology used, the profile of the "criminal" at the recording of the crime, and how the mentality of journalism will change to address prisoners and ex-prisoners, were discussed in the context of an online event organised by the Association of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Rights Protection (the Association).

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Criminal Law, Extraditions & European Arrest Warrants

Harris Kyriakides advises corporations and individuals on a wide range of criminal offences, focusing primarily on business and corporate crime.

Our clientele includes large local and multinational corporations and high-profile individuals, including company directors and entrepreneurs from Cyprus and abroad. Harris Kyriakides has grown an extensive network of contacts and close working relationships with lawyers around the world in order to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected in all jurisdictions in which they may face criminal exposure.

Our approach is clear, practical, and tailored to our clients’ interests and needs. We provide our clients with strategic legal advice from the early stages of investigation and prosecution until the full adjudication of the case.  At all times, we strive to deliver effective legal representation and protect our clients from any reputational consequences that can flow from criminal proceedings.

Our main areas of practice include white-collar crimes such as fraud, forgery, bribery, corruption and money laundering. Nonetheless, our firm is adept at providing services across the whole spectrum of criminal law, from serious criminal offences to road traffic offences. In cases where discretion and reputation management are crucial, we offer concrete and discreet advice along with a result-oriented litigation plan.

Harris Kyriakides has extensive experience in handling both international and European arrest warrants (extradition cases). Our pioneering work in the field includes the first successful application in Cyprus for submission of four preliminary questions to the European Court of Justice regarding the interpretation of the Framework decision on the European Arrest Warrant.

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