Debt Collection

Our firm operates one of the largest Commercial Debt Collection Departments in Cyprus.
We can assist you in all phases of collection proceedings and debt recovery in Cyprus. Our team handles commercial and retail debts on behalf of local and overseas clients who are owed money from natural and legal persons residing or having property within the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.
Our practice includes investigations on the financial status of the debtor, designing and enforcing effective methods of securing or freezing assets prior to litigation, commencement and trial of debt collection proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, attachment proceedings, proceedings for invalidation of fraudulent dissipation of assets, as well as other matters relevant to debt collection in Cyprus.
Whether you choose to involve us from the beginning with the initial demand letter or whether you need assistance enforcing a judgment you have already obtained, our team acts promptly to recover the compensation you are owed. We have an extremely high success rate, you can rely on us to provide a comprehensive and pragmatic analysis of your case. We utilise every resource available to enforce your judgement.

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