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Family & Matrimonial Matters

Divorce, separation, issues affecting children, the division of assets or other issues surrounding family matters need to be handled by trusted family lawyers who can manage complex issues in a creative, constructive and pragmatic way while maintaining an empathetic manner at the same time. We recognise that clients involved in family law matters require an experienced and proactive team, in order to ensure that the client’s rights are properly pursued and not undermined by strategy mistakes or inadvertence.

Our family advisory team provides comprehensive family and matrimonial advice on Cyprus law. We provide pre-marital legal counseling on a number of issues, which commonly involve pre-marital property, tax planning and prenuptial agreements. We guide our clients to gain an insight of how to avoid pitfalls that may result in case of discord and how to prevent problems that may arise in a marriage. We also advise on relevant procedures for our clients who are interested in performing a civil marriage in Cyprus.

Our litigation team operates at the forefront of family law. It covers the full range of family law matters and is heavily involved and experienced in post-marital dispute resolution, including Cyprus divorces, alimony/maintenance, property divisions, guardianships, custody and visitation rights of children, adoption, paternity recognition and other ancillary matters. We take the time to understand each client's unique personal situations and we work with them to develop the course of action which best suits them, in order to vindicate their personal rights and interests. We regularly act for both Cyprus nationals, residents or international clients and many of our cases involve complex cross-border issues, sophisticated asset protection structures and trust and tax issues.

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