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  • The European Green Deal  

    15 April 2020

    On 11th December 2019 the European Commission presented the European Green Deal to transform the European Union into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy.

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Environmental compliance is becoming exponentially important in recent years. It is now an established part of corporate social responsibility, as local, national and international stakeholders demand environmental stewardship from the individuals and organisations they do business with. Further, regulation on environmental matters is increasing and affects entrepreneurs, companies and organisations, who must integrate environmental management into their business strategy and policies. This requires a preventative approach to environmental compliance and liability issues, as well as an understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape.

We maintain a niche environmental law practice that specializes on Cyprus environmental laws and regulations and is able to assist companies and individuals to meet these demands.  We have a strong presence in all areas of environmental law, including environmental litigation, defence of environmental prosecutions, environmental cleaning from past use, compliance issues, environmental approvals and assessments, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, waste management and disposal, recycling, waste diversion and recovery and transportation of dangerous goods. 

Our practice is driven by a commercial and comprehensive understanding of the implications of environmental law for our clients and their businesses. Our client base includes companies in the natural resources sector, energy sector, shipping sector, water boards, utilities and various levels of government.

Our comprehensive expertise includes:

  • Advising, negotiating and drafting agreements/contractual provisions regarding environmental issues, obligations and liability of our clients and their businesses.
  • Providing regulatory compliance advice to environmentally sensitive industries on air, soil and water pollution/contamination, product liability, energy efficiency, waste minimisation and use of renewables.
  • Advising governmental entities on policy and legislative developments
  • Advising and assisting on overcoming environmental constraints to planning applications
  • Advising corporate management on environmentally sensitive industries
  • Designing and participating in environmental management systems, environmental audits and other due diligence tools
  • Advising on the applicability of insurance coverage for environmental liabilities
  • Conducting recourses under environmental legislation and seeking judicial review before the courts
  • Acting for claimants and defendants engaged in civil litigation and private arbitrations
  • Prosecuting environmental torts
  • Defending clients charged with environmental offences under provincial and federal legislation
  • Advising on product liability.

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