In light of the urgent need to take measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, and in compliance with the relevant directions that were issued by the Medical Services of the Ministry of Health, the Supreme Court has proceeded to the regulation of the temporary suspension or adjudication and or promotion of a series of cases in all Courts.

The Supreme Court, in the re-evaluation of the facts and bearing in mind today’s circumstances, the relevant orders of the competent authorities and the draft Guide for the reopening of the Courts of the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health, has re-examined the whole matter of the reopening of the Courts, having considered both the opinions of the Cyprus Bar Association and local Bar Associations and those of the Courts of Special Jurisdiction.

In light of the above, the Supreme Court has decided the following:

1. From this coming Monday, 4.5.2020, all Registrars will start functioning normally. In this respect, it will be possible to file both actions and primary applications, and criminal cases, as well as to induct oaths in affidavits in general.

As to the practical way to apply the above, the Chief Registrar, in coordination with the local registries, always in light of the relevant orders and Directions issued by the Medical Services of the Ministry of Health, shall proceed to relevant arrangements, bearing in mind the building facilities, as well as the particular circumstances relating to each separate Registrar. These relevant arrangements will be communicated to all relevant parties.

2. The Courts of first instance of each jurisdiction shall proceed to the scheduling of the cases before them, in a way that makes their further promotion possible, always bearing in mind the relevant orders and directions of the Medical Services of the Ministry of Ηealth, as well as the special circumstances and needs of each jurisdiction, as to the existing building facilities, for the purposes of, on the one hand, the smoothest possible operation of the Courts, and on the other hand, the safeguarding of the health of all the factors of the trial.

As regards first appearances and in order to avoid unwanted crowding, relevant directions will be issued by the competent Courts, as to the new dates they will be set on, and relevant notices will be given by the competent registrars to the parties involved. It is understood that where the Court deems, after a relevant request of the parties involved, that different directions must be given, or that it will have to adjudicate the case on the first appearance, it shall act accordingly.

In order to carry out the above, the competent Administrative Presidents of the District Courts and the Courts of Special Jurisdiction shall take the due measures and issue corresponding directions.

3. As regards the Supreme Court, the adjudication of the cases before it shall be regulated by the Presidents of the compositions and the relevant parties shall be accordingly informed.

It is understood that the Supreme Court, in coordination with the Administrative Presidents and the Cyprus Bar Association shall monitor the application of the above.

It is further understood that the above measures will be continuously revised, in accordance with the development of the situation and any further directions from the Medical Services of the Ministry of Health or broader circulars of the Public Service.  

As has already been announced, judicial vacations will be limited to the month of August, in order to permit the carrying out of the delays caused due to the coronavirus and the suspension of the adjudication of cases.

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