Information on current travel procedures for persons intending to visit Cyprus.

Cyprus has adopted special procedures regulating the repatriation or travelling in Cyprus. Persons wishing to be repatriated must register online on the Government website. Passengers intending to arrive/return to Cyprus will be required to comply with the applicable process, register and meet the requirements for entry to Cyprus promulgated by relevant regulations adopted by the Council of Ministers.

Persons wishing to enter Cyprus must apply for a special permission to do so. Currently, those considered eligible for a special permission to enter the Republic of Cyprus are the following categories of individuals:

  • first degree relatives of persons who reside legally in the Republic and/or are economically active in the Republic (spouse, children, parents) for family reunion purposes;
  • persons, regardless of nationality, whose arrival in the Republic is necessary for the purpose of implementing public projects or for honouring other important professional commitments;
  • changes of aircraft crews in the case where they are travelling as passengers for replacement purposes; and


What are the regulations for each country category?

Countries are categorised on the basis of their epidemiological data in respect of the COVID-19 disease.  The classification of countries, based on the epidemiological risk assessment, is extremely dynamic and may change at any moment. In general, the categorisation of countries adheres to the following structure:

Category A

Persons ordinarily resident in the countries listed in Category A, as this is published by the Ministry of Health are not required to present a laboratory COVID-19 test certificate or go into self-isolation.  They are allowed to freely enter Cyprus.

Category B

Persons ordinarily resident in Countries listed in Category B are allowed to enter Cyprus, provided that they submit a negative PCR test for COVID-19 carried out no more than 72 hours before their arrival.  It should be noted that passengers coming from Category B countries are required to undergo a laboratory test no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure and to possess a Certificate showing negative PCR examination for the virus. It is also clarified that passengers from Category B countries, falling into the following categories, may undergo the molecular examination upon arrival in the Republic:

  • Cypriot citizens and their family members (their alien spouses, underage children and parents);
  • all those legally residing in the Republic;
  • persons entitled to under the Vienna Convention; and
  • persons, irrespective of nationality, whose countries of residence do not provide a laboratory testing service (public or private) to those wishing to travel to the Republic of Cyprus according to a relevant announcement.

It should be noted that the examination cost is borne by those persons themselves and, in addition, such persons should remain in self-isolation at home until the examination result is issued.

Category C

The entry into the Republic from Category C countries shall be allowed only for specific categories of citizens who have the possibility to choose whether to undergo a diagnostic test for COVID19 upon their arrival in Cyprus or have with them a negative RT-PCR test certificate for COVID-19, undertaken no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure. The specific categories of citizens are:

  • Cypriot citizens, permanently residing in the Republic of Cyprus and their family members (foreign spouses, their minor children and their parents);
  • Persons legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus. This includes residence permit holders and yellow slip holders;
  • Persons allowed to enter in the Republic of Cyprus under the Vienna Convention; and
  • Persons with special permission to enter the Republic of Cyprus.


It must be noted that such persons shall have to remain in a state of self-isolation for 14 days. 48 hours prior to the termination of their 14-day self-isolation, they are obliged to undergo a molecular examination for COVID-19.

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