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Recently London hosted the Cyprus Forum, marking an exciting milestone in its journey towards fostering dialogue and driving impactful change.

The expansion to London marks an exciting new chapter for the Cyprus Forum, an annual event dedicated to fostering dialogue and driving impactful change. As an extension of the Cyprus Forum series, the addition of London signifies the commitment to broadening its reach and engaging with diverse perspectives on critical issues.

Since its inception, the Cyprus Forum has been at the forefront of facilitating discussions and collaboration among policymakers, academics, civil society representatives, and thought leaders. The Cyprus Forum aims to promote constructive dialogue, an exchange of ideas and to find creative, new ways to address the public policy needs of society today, by engaging in meaningful exchanges with local and foreign experts from the public and private sectors, the media, academia, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and active citizens.

By establishing a presence in London, the Forum aims to further amplify these conversations, drawing upon the dynamic energy and expertise of this global hub.

Among many insightful topics, discussions focused on the future scenarios of the Eastern Mediterranean, the geo-economy of the Eastern Mediterranean and the United Kingdom, the relevance of the English common law system to the Cypriot justice system, and business prospects for Cypriots in the UK market.

The Forum featured keynote speeches by David Ormerod, Chair in Criminal Law at UCL, and Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls, who provided insight into the judicial system and offered recommendations for potential reforms. The event was moderated by our partner Nicolas Kyriakides, who is the Executive President of the Cyprus Forum. The following link provides an excerpt of Sir Geoffrey Vos’ informative speech:

By expanding to London, the Cyprus Forum continues to build bridges across borders, fostering a space where crucial conversations can lead to meaningful actions.

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