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global forum on transparency

The Global Forum, hosted by the OECD, has published reports on 7 its members, evaluating their legal and regulatory frameworks for the exchange of information.

Aruba: The report makes recommendations regarding the availability of information on limited partnerships, foundations and bearer shares issued by some companies, as well the need to bring the exchange of information agreements that have been signed over the past 2 years into force quickly.

Bahamas: Only one significant issue was discovered in the review of Bahamas - a problem ensuring the availability of accounting information for all relevant entities and arrangements including international business companies, registered private and foreign-incorporated companies, authorised purpose trusts and foundations.

Belgium: Country has made great strides in developing its exchange of information network. Though it has signed 41 information exchange agreements that meet the standard in the past two years, due to the political situation in Belgium only one of those agreements is in force.

Estonia: The peer review has identified some deficiencies in the domestic laws of Estonia due to restrictive conditions imposed by domestic law for obtaining bank information.

Ghana: Improvement is needed, in particular the availability of information on foreign companies, trusts, underlying documentation for accounting records, and the extent of Ghana's exchange of information network.

Canada and Germany have adequate regulation and the elements for the effective exchange of information are in place with recommendations made to improve the availability of ownership information relating to bearer shares and nominees.

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