Harris Kyriakides LLC is covering the Cyprus chapter of the first edition of Getting the Deal Through – Sovereign Immunity 2018.  This is… Read more
20 September, 2018
The Contest was organised by the Academy of European Law (ERA) and the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) and it was the fir… Read more
19 September, 2018
Introduction On the 22nd of March 2018, Cyprus and United Kingdom entered into a Double Tax Treaty ('DTT') that enables both countries to e… Read more
13 September, 2018
We are delighted to announce that, Harris Kyriakides LLC is the first company in Larnaca that has acquired a long-distance full electric veh… Read more
12 September, 2018
In the attachment below you may find a summary of all rulings issued by the Cypriot courts in 2017, in which compensations were awarded for… Read more
12 September, 2018
Congratulations to our interns on completing your 3-week internship with Harris Kyriakides LLC! You gained firsthand experience, developed p… Read more
27 August, 2018