Charisma Association

Charisma is a Non-profit, Charity Association which was founded in 2016. It is dedicated to all disabled people who manage to overcome their problems and express themselves through all forms of arts such as music, dance, literature and drawing.

The vision of the Association is not to simply offer a step from which the "charismatic" Cypriot children will be able to promote their work in the future. The members aim to help these talented children to further enhance the special "gifts" that God has endowed them with.

The ultimate goal is to fully integrate these children into society, to give them the opportunity to present their great "charisma" through some artistic events, while also to send a message of acceptance of diversity to society, which is still facing disabled people with reservations and skepticism.

It is a great pleasure for Harris Kyriakides LLC to act voluntarily as the legal representative of Charisma Association. Our firm provides legal services including, inter alia, the preparation of the memorandum of association and dealing with any organisational and day-to-day operating legal issuesFurthermore, our members of staff participate voluntarily at the charity events organised by the Foundation in order to help raising money to achieve its goals.

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