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Private Client (Residence & Citizenship)

For our non-EU clients to enter, live, work and operate in Cyprus, our team provides advice and assistance in acquiring all the relevant permits required. We navigate our clients through the process of filing a direct application for a Cyprus work permit or through the establishment of a local limited company, which will then employ the non EU national, upon the approval of the Migration Department. Permits are also needed by non EU citizens in regard to the acquisition of immovable property. We provide professional services in regards to acquisition of residence permits, employment permits and property acquisition permits for non-EU citizens. In particular, we assist non EU clients to apply and acquire permits on the following grounds:

  • Entry visas;
  • Short term and Long term Residence Permits (through acquisition of property in Cyprus or otherwise);
  • Work Permits: Category C/D (persons who intend to work as self employed in a trade, profession or science in Cyprus); Category E (persons who have been offered work as executives (Cat. 1) or staff (Cat. 2) of Cyprus companies.
  • Category F (pensioners or other persons who enjoy a secured annual income enabling them to live in Cyprus without having to engage in any business, trade or profession);
  • Family reunification permits;
  • Property acquisition permits. 

Acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship

There are essentially three ways in which the Cyprus Citizenship can be acquired: 

  • By naturalisation: an EU citizen or other country national must have resided for a minimum 7 years legally in Cyprus, of which the year preceding the date of application should be full and uninterrupted;
  • Through marriage to a Cypriot citizen.

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