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Governmental Institutions

The award of contracts by local and central government, public bodies and authorities is regulated by EU and Cyprus law. Individuals and corporate entities of the private sector have a right to fair and transparent tendering procedures and compliance with the applicable legal framework is set to provide these safeguards.

Harris Kyriakides provides professional advice on all aspects of public procurement matters (supplies, services and works contracts), including structuring the tender transaction and choosing the appropriate tendering procedure, preparing and advising on procurement documents and conducting the evaluation of tenders and managing the procurement process and contract award issues.

We also represent individuals and corporate bodies before the Tenders Review Authority and the Cyprus Supreme Court in Public Procurement disputes. Our practice involves hierarchical and judicial recourses against the validity of tender awards made by public authorities and state organs in Cyprus, temporary measures and appellate procedures.

We currently act for many local governmental organisations, such as the Larnaka Municipality, the Athienou Municipality, the Larnaka Water Board and other.

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