The Social Security Fund has announced the increase of the employees’ social security contributions as of January 1st 2019 as well as the in… Read more
27 December, 2018
Recently, the Cyprus Government, as a part of its efforts for the further improvement of the Cyprus Investment Programme, has established th… Read more
20 December, 2018
Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Administration of Montenegro launched a Citizenship economic program in October 2018 for up to 2,000… Read more
12 November, 2018
On 23/05/2014, Council of Ministers issued a decision regarding military service for every person who obtained a Cypriot citizenship by exce… Read more
12 November, 2018
The existing Cyprus Citizenship Program, updated in September 2016, enables non-Cypriot citizens, entrepreneurs, investors and their immedia… Read more
12 November, 2018
On the 30th October, 2018, our HR Officer, Anastasia Theodorou, and Junior Associate, Eleni Neoptolemou, attended the career expo 'Get a job… Read more
31 October, 2018