The Treasury of the Republic and Ministry of Finance issued a joint statement on the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on public procurements.

This notice states that the current situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 is considered to be a cause of force majeure, for which there is a relevant provision in the contracts used for the award of public contracts, as in the standard contracts issued by the Competent Authority of Public Procurement, the epidemic is explicitly included as a reason for force majeure.

In case that due to the COVID-19 epidemic the timely fulfillment of contractual public procurement obligations is affected, and after the submission of a relevant fully justified request by the affected contractor, the contracting authorities/entities may authorize an extension of the duration of the scope of the Contract for such a period depending on the case, without triggering any delay clauses and without seizing/liquidating part or all the amount of loyalty guarantees deposit.

The extension of the period of execution of the public contracts for the above reason of force majeure will be granted without requiring their referral to the competent authorities in accordance with R.A.A. 138/2016, however the Competent Public Procurement Authority should be informed on any such case.

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