Harris Kyriakides LLC covers the Cyprus chapter of the inaugural edition of Sovereign Immunity 2018

20 September, 2018


Harris Kyriakides LLC is covering the Cyprus chapter of the first edition of Getting the Deal Through – Sovereign Immunity 2018. 

This is the first volume to critically and comparatively assess the state of play of the law of  sovereign immunity across key jurisdictions. This volume constitutes a systematic and user-friendly collection of the information that investors, awards - and judgment creditors should consider when contemplating litigation against sovereigns, state entities and international organisations, and assessing the enforceability and recoverability of any resulting award or judgment against sovereign states or state entities, including state-owned enterprises.

The chapters of this volume cover major, common and civil law, and North and South American, European and Asian jurisdictions, in particular, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States, that are at the forefront of sovereign litigation.

You may find the publication at the link below.

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