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The firm maintains a specialised team which advises and represents corporations who employ personnel in Cyprus on the full spectrum of employment laws and regulations applicable in this jurisdiction. We provide both advisory services and litigation representation. We also draft relevant documentations and issue opinions on employment law matters.

We maintain vast expertise in general employment matters and also on specific expertise in employment law fields that are not customary in Cyprus, such as TUPE, large redundancies and restructurings.  

Our core advisory work covers employment agreements, GDPR and data protection, employee governance advice (including the preparation of employment manuals and enterprise policies), human resources advisory matters, redundancies, the acquisition of employment permits or reunification permits for companies and multinationals who wish to employ non-EU personnel in Cyprus, either on a permanent or temporary basis, and ancillary matters in relation to employment laws and regulations.

Our core litigation representation covers unfair dismissal cases, cases involving the enforcement of employment undertakings (confidentiality, non-competition, and non-solicitation), redundancies and other ancillary litigation.

Our team consists of one partner, one senior associate and two associates (as well as a number of junior associates). Although each member of the team has niche areas of expertise, the team works on the full spectrum of employment matters, which we consider to be essential to deliver a full service to our clients. 

The team is at the forefront of legal developments and market practice. In the course of 2018 we have represented clients in significant cases tried before the Employment Dispute Tribunal, including at least one case which involved novel matters of employment law in Cyprus.

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