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Intellectual Property

Cyprus has ratified all major international intellectual property law related treaties, has harmonised national law with EU legislation and along with the domestic regulations, provides a consistent legal framework in the context of intellectual property law. 

The protection of intellectual property rights is essential to the competitiveness of most organisations and it is a cornerstone in today’s marketplace. We have an established specialised Intellectual Property Law Centre (IPLC) in Cyprus, providing legal services on all aspects of Intellectual Property law, helping our clients to protect, develop and enforce their intellectual property rights. 

Our IPLC advises and provides legal representation in regards to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights on the following matters:

  • trade mark registration in Cyprus
  • maintenance and enforcement of all trade marks, trade names, patents, copyright and industrial designs associated with the organisations of our clients
  • advertising law matters, related to the laws and rules which govern the advertisement of products
  • infringement and opposition proceedings
  • passing-off and unlawful competition 
  • anti-counterfeiting procedures, aiming at injunctive relief
  • recovery of damages as
  • preventive measures against infringements of IP rights.

We maintain a computerised management infrastructure that safeguards compliance with the various details associated with maintaining and renewing Intellectual Property rights within the Cyprus jurisdiction. After the initial registration process of Intellectual Property rights, we keep track of any legislative requirements applicable in regard to their maintenance or renewal. Our clients are confident that they are promptly notified about renewal of registrations and payments required to keep the Intellectual Property rights in force, and we advise on any additional maintenance requirements and alerts on critical changes in law or practice that affect Intellectual Property rights.

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