Private Client (Trusts, Funds, Estate, Matrimonial)

We maintain a highly skilled and extensively experienced team dealing with the representation of individuals in Cyprus covering a broad spectrum of family law matters. We offer an intelligent, discreet and pragmatic approach, providing a highly specialised service tailored to meet any individual needs.

Areas of our expertise include pre-marital advice, post-marital dispute resolution and international child abduction.  We provide our clients with:

  • premarital legal counseling, including pre-marital property, tax planning and prenuptial agreements. We guide our clients to gain an insight of how to avoid the pitfalls that may result in discord and how to prevent problems that arise in, and ultimately end, a marriage
  • advice on relevant procedures for our clients who are interested in performing a civil marriage in Cyprus
  • post marital dispute resolution, including divorce, alimony/maintenance, property division, guardianship, custody and visitation rights, adoption, paternity recognition and other. 
  • comprehensive and sound advice on international child abduction  cases, including preventative measures, the process of filing and prosecuting a complaint, and on available defences in the case of prosecution. We are a proud member of the Reunite International Child Abduction Centre, a specialised family lawyers network, specialising in the movement of children across international borders. We have accumulated extensive experience with litigation of child abduction cases in Cyprus under The Hague Convention and the European Regulation.  

We also maintain an outstanding reputation throughout  Cyprus for providing excellent advice to individuals with regards to the issuance of wills, wealth protection, estate administration and probate. Our services for private individuals include:

  • comprehensive advice on all aspects of inheritance, including beneficiaries, administration and tax
  • preparation of wills
  • filing with the Court’s Registry
  • probate and estate administration 
  • trusts, asset protection and international estate administration
  • re-seals of foreign Grants, obtaining Grants for Cyprus assets for cases in which the deceased lived and domiciled abroad.

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